Affiliate Disclosure

What does being an affiliate mean?

Affiliate marketing works like this. When you click the links to products on my site and buy something, I get some percentage commission on the sale. It varies by vendor form 1% to as much as 20%. The average is around 5%.

Do you get commission if I return an item?

If you don’t like the item and return it after buying it I lose my commission also. I get no benefit at all from promoting junk items that you are likely to return after buying. If I see an item get returned a lot, I will remove it from my recommended list.

Do you promote brands with affiliate programs over other brands?

Do I favor brands that I am an affiliate with? My goal is to be an affiliate for every popular brand in the categories that I review and talk about here. If I can’t be a direct affiliate for a brand, the odds are pretty good that some of the big outdoor retailers carry them and I can get commission that way too. I don’t have any excuse to play favorites and I can just recommend the things that I like since I can get commission from almost anything. If you return the item I lose the commission so it’s to mine and your advantage for me to recommend the actual best items out there.

FCC and Vendor required disclaimers

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