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Outdoor Master Pulse XL Ski Goggle – Test and Review

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Updated April 9th, 2024

Outdoor Master Pulse XL review

The Outdoor Master Pulse XL is their newest large fit cylindrical lens goggle. We recently got a chance to try out a couple pairs of Pulse XL goggles. They have good lenses and fun styling and an easy to use lens swap system all at a cheap price. Keep reading to get the full story on the Outdoor Master Pulse XL snow goggle.

What we liked:

  • Fun looking cool flat lens appearance
  • Big field of view
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Excellent value for the price
  • Easy to use lens change system

What we didn’t like:

  • They don’t come with a second lens
  • Lenses not quite as good as higher end goggles

Outdoor Master Pulse XL Ski Goggle Review and Test

We chose the Blue Strap VLT 30% REVO Blue Lens and Pink Strap VLT 30% REVO Fantasy Purple Lens versions of the Pulse XL to try out. Both have similar VLT lenses with white frames and different strap patterns.

Blue Pulse XL Goggles
30% Revo Blue
Pink Pulse XL Goggles
30% Revo Fantasy Purple (It looks more purple in person)


The Outdoor Master Pulse XL retails for $59.99 on the Outdoor Master website. You can use our discount code ERO15 to get 15% off of that. This puts them in the value under $50 category of ski and snowboard goggles. For that price, you get the goggles, a microfiber bag for cleaning and storage, and a hard goggle and lens storage case.

They do not include a second lens. A VLT 75% yellow and VLT 99% clear lens is available for use in flat light, low light, and night skiing conditions. Here is a link for the Pulse XL spar lenses at Outdoor Master. Extra lenses run $39.99.


These goggles have a cylindrical lens shape or flat lens. The lens quality is decent and similar to what you find on the Outdoor Master Pro XM goggles. They do not have any blue color filtering going on in the lens to help out with flat light conditions. The lens has good clarity and minimal distortion.

As with most flat lens goggles. They are going for a low profile aggressive look where the lens is shrinkwrapped to your face instead of ballooning out like a spherical lens.

They have a fun mirrored appearance. Our Blue and Purple lens look bright colored on sunny days. On flat light days, they look more like a greyish blue and greyish purple mirror shade.

Like all Outdoor Master ski goggle lenses, they offer 100% uv 400 protection against UV Rays.

Pulse lens front
Pulse lens back


The goggles have TPU plastic frames that are flexible and soft. They have triple layer face foam. The frames and foam have cut outs on the outside edge to clear prescription glasses. The goggle strap has 3 silicone beads to keep it from sliding on your ski or snowboard helmet.

I found these goggles comfortable to wear for a day of skiing. The frames are flexible enough to conform to your face without pinching my nose.

Pulse frame front
Pulse frame back

Lens swapping system

These goggles have an easy to use lens swap system using plastic tabe and latches on the outside of the goggles. The latches operate with 2 small sliders on the outside edge of the goggles. The lens has 5 tabs that snap into the goggle frame. The tabs are big enough to be easily aligned and have a nice positive snap into place. This is one of the easier to use non-magnetic lens swap systems I have seen. There is a chance you could do it with goggles on your head.

It is a little easier and faster to use than Oakley Ridgelock and it’s a degree easier than the old Smith I/O and I/O7 systems. I prefer magnetic lens swap systems. This one is at least easy to use without a ton of smudging the lenses to use it.

Bright light performance

The lenses on these goggle work pretty good in bright days. The 30% lenses work great on partly cloudy days. I would choose the 18% VLT lens version if I skied a lot on really bright sunny days. VLT 30% lenses usually leave you wishing for something darker on a really bright day.

Pulse XL at powder mountain

Flat light performance

These goggles don’t have any blue color filtering in the lens on the 30% VLT lenses we tried. They perform as well as most average ski goggles do in flat light. I skied with them for several hours on a very flat overcast day. I could see terrain definition okay but not as well as a yellow lens or lens that filters blue color. This performs equal to the mid VLT color lenses for the Outdoor Master Pro XM goggles. For best performance in flat light I recommend getting the optional extra 75% VLT yellow lens.

For really geat flat light performance check out the Outdoor Master Ultra XL and Pro Plus goggles. They both have really great color filtering lenses that perform great on flat light days.

Pulse XL goggles on chairlift

Anti-Fog performance

I had no issues with fogging while using these goggles. They did not fog on me while having my neck gaiter pulled up over my face on cold chair lift rides. The goggles have anti-fog coating and dual pane lenses to help prevent fogging.

Field of view

The field of view and peripheral vision of these goggles is really good. They are equal to the Outdoor Master Ultra XL goggle for peripheral vision. They have a large lens and low profile frame that makes a large opening to look through.

Helmet Compatibility

I have tried the Pulse XL snowboard goggles with several helmets. They work well with all the Outdoor Master helmets. I have tried them with the Diamond MIPS, Kelvin, and new Lazurite. All have minimal goggle gap. I also tried them on with an Anon Echo MIPS and Giro Nine-C helmet. See the images below to see how the goggles work with different helmets.

Laz helmet with pulse goggles front view
Outdoor Master Lazurite Helmet
Laz helmet with pulse goggles side view
Outdoor Master Lazurite Helmet
Kelvin Helmet with Pulse goggles front view
Outdoor Master Kelvin Helmet
Kelvin helmet with pulse goggles side view
Outdoor Master Kelvin Helmet
Giro helmet with Pulse goggles front
Giro Nine-C Helmet
Giro helmet with Pulse goggles side view
Giro Nine-C Helmet

OTG Goggle

These goggles are designed to be OTG compatible. They work but do not work great with glasses. The straps attach inside the goggle frame. They stick into the area where your glasses frames pass through the frame.

I have never tried a set of cylindrical lens goggles that work great with glasses. They are all trying to make the lens close to your face to achieve wrapped around look. This means less space to clear your eyeglass lens and frame. Spherical and toric lens goggles have lenses that curve out from the frame creating more room.

For a really good OTG fit, try out the Outdoor Master Ultra XL or Vision XL goggles. They both work great as OTG ski goggles.

Outdoor Master Pulse XL Ski and Snowboard Goggle summary

OutdoorMaster Pulse XL Snow Goggles
Pulse XL product image

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The Verdict

The OutdoorMaster Pulse XL ski and snowboard goggles are a fun, low cost, cylindrical lens goggle. They perform well on sunny and partly sunny days and okay on flat light days. They have a cool low profile big flat lens look. If you are looking for good value ski goggles with a cool look, these are the snow goggles for you.

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