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OutdoorMaster Boot Bag – Test and Review

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Updated May 9th, 2024

outdoormaster boot bag review

If you are looking for a way to keep your ski or snowboard gear organized, a boot bag is a great solution. It can hold your boots, helmets, gloves, goggles, and clothes neat and organized. You don’t have to have a big pile of mess in the back of your car or closet at home. The OutdoorMaster Boot Bag is one of the best ski boot bags I have ever owned. Let’s talk about what makes the OutdoorMaster Polar Bear boot bag so great.

What we liked
  • Easily fits all your ski and snowboard gear in a neat organized manner
  • Well made heavy duty feeling construction
  • Lots of compartments and pockets for storing gear and accessories
  • Built in drainage in the boot compartments for melting snow
What we didn’t like
  • It is too big to use as a carry on bag for flying
  • A shoulder strap would be nice

Features of the OutdoorMaster Boot Bag

For years I just throw all my stuff in the back of the car when I went skiing. I had one drawstring bag, that mom made, to put gloves and goggles in. I never got more organized than that. When loading my car or carrying stuff into the hotel room at night I needed a couple of trips to get everything.

These boot bags allow us to keep all our ski gear in one place. I only need to carry one thing between the house and the car. It greatly reduces the odds of leaving something at home since it all stays in one bag now. When I get home or to the hotel room I spread everything out to dry. After it’s dry it all goes into the boot bag until the next time I go skiing.

messy car trunk
Our car before getting boot bags
boot bags in SUV
Our car after getting boot bags


The OutdoorMaster Polar Bear Boot bag is made from nylon materials with a waterproof exterior and a heavy duty waterproof bottom on it with rubber feet. It feels very well made. The materials feel heavy and strong. All the zippers and hardware feel up to the task.

bag front side
inside boot bag
boot pocket
boot bag bottom

It has 2 carry handles. One on the top and one on the front. Both handles feel strong enough to easily handle the weight of a fully loaded bag. There is no shoulder strap for carrying the bag that way. I would have preferred a padded shoulder strap for carrying the bag as well but it isn’t a huge miss. It does have backpack straps.

The 2 side pockets for your ski boots have drain holes so they won’t fill with water if you don’t get all the snow off. The zippers for the boot and helmet compartment feel heavy duty and should last a while.


The backpack adjustable shoulder straps are padded and feel up to the task of supporting a bag full of ski gear. The ends of the backpack straps have metal clips. They attach to metal o-rings on the bottom of the bag. There is no waist strap or chest strap. There is a zipper compartment for storing the straps when you don’t want to use it as a backpack. I find it comfortable carrying around. I have no trouble carrying it from the parking lot to lodge, hotel, or into the airport.

back of bag
back with straps hidden

Boot and helmet storage

There is a spacious boot compartment on each side for storing your ski boots. I have size 10 feet and there is several inches of room to spare, in all directions, with my boots. I think they will fit most ski boots and snowboard boots without any problem. The boot compartments have drainage grommets so snow can melt and drain out of the bag.

boot pocket with boot

The center large main compartment is big enough to easily fit a ski helmet and a lot of other ski gear.

full  boot bag

There is a separate compartment on the top and bottom of the helmet compartment flap. These are good for your wallet or keys or other small flat items.

There is a zipper pocket on the side of each boot compartment. It’s big enough to fit a hat or a set of base layers or something like that.

I have loaded it up with the following and had room to spare.

  • Ski helmet – size large
  • Ski goggles
  • Ski goggle lens case
  • Neck warmer
  • MFI face mask
  • Thin hat
  • Heavier hat
  • Ski gloves
  • Ski lock
  • Balaclava
  • Bib ski pants
  • Shell ski jacket
  • Down insulating jacket
  • Wallet
  • Car keys
what fits in the bag
Everything I put into the bag

I have no doubt I could have also fit a set of base layers, ski socks, water bottle, snacks, and at least 1 mid layer in there too.

Om Polar Bear Boot Bag animation

Bag size

The bag measures 15.74 x 13.78 x 16.92 inches. The maximum size for a carry on bag is 9 x 14 x 22 inches. The width dimension of this bag is too wide to use as a carry on bag. This spacious bag holds a ton of stuff and works great for travel if you check it with your ski bag. Don’t try to take it as a carry on. This is my only real complaint about this bag.

bag dimensions
Image courtesy of OutdoorMaster

Some people have had luck using the OutdoorMaster 50L Lynx Ski Boots Bag as a carry on bag. It has dimensions of 10.6 x 13.6 x 20 inches. You have a better chance of smashing that bag into the bag checker if someone at the airport wants to check.

50L Lynx boot bag dimensions
OutdoorMaster 50L Lynx Boot Bag. Image courtesy of OutdoorMaster
OutdoorMaster Polar Bear Boots Bag
Outdoor Master Polar Bear Boots Bag product image

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Wrap up

If you are in the market for a new boot and helmet bag check out the OutdoorMaster Polar Bear Ski Boot Bag. It is a great way to keep your ski equipment or snowboard gear organized at home and on the road for your next ski trip.

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