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Smith 4D Mag Ski Goggles – Test and Review

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Updated April 9th, 2024

Smith 4D Mag Review

Manufacturer and Model: Smith 4D Mag
List Price: $320-$350


The Smith 4D Mag ski goggles have an incredible expansive field of view that no other goggle matches. The “bird’s eye view” lens rolls under the bottom frame giving you a set of goggles that you almost can’t see from the inside. The lowered bottom frame rests on your cheeks making them super comfortable as well. These are the best ski goggles I have ever tried from a field of view, comfort and lens point of view. As a bonus, they come with a hard case for storage and a gogglesock. They are available in 2 sizes making them perfect for unisex or women’s goggles. These are great goggles and well worth the high cost.

What we liked:

  • Huge field of view
  • Great flat light and all light condition performance from ChromaPop lenses
  • Great anti-fog performance
  • Includes 2 lenses
  • Very comfortable to wear
  • Includes a hard case, goggle sock, and microfiber bag
  • Comes in an environmentally friendly brown cardboard box with minimal throwaway plastic

What we didn’t like:

  • High cost
  • Small distortion in the lower part of your field of view

Smith 4D Mag Product Image


  • Lens Type – Birds Eye View Hybrid Cylindrical/Toric
  • Fit – Medium
  • Included Lens – 2
  • Interchangable Lens – Magnets & latches
  • Accessories – Hard case, goggle sock, microfiber bag

Smith 4D Mag Ski Goggles review and test

I was a skeptic of the Smith 4D Mag when I first saw them. The I/O series have been really good performers for years. The 4D Mag is a significant step up in price from the most recent I/O Mag goggles. We picked up a set of 4D Mag goggles to try for ourselves this winter to see if they are worth it.

After skiing with the 4D Mag I can say they are my favorite ski goggle I have ever tried. The field of view is so wide you almost can’t see the goggles while wearing them. I have been skiing for going on 40 years now and it’s rare I am ever really impressed by a new piece of gear. These do it for me. We liked them enough that I had to order a second set for my wife to use.

The Smith 4D Mag goggles are a medium fit goggle. They are also available in a small fit version this year. Both sizes are available in regular or low bridge fit.

Our set of goggles is the standard medium fit version with a black frame and 23% VLT ChromaPop Everyday Green Mirror Lens. The second lens is a 55% VLT ChromaPop Storm Blue Sensor Mirror.

Smith 4D static picture


The Smith 4D Mag is pricey which is the one downside to these goggles. They retail for $350 putting them at the far upper end of ski goggles. They are worth it. For that price, they come with 2 lenses, a hard case, a goggle sock, and a 2 pocket microfiber bag. You can get 4D Mag’s directly from Smith or from almost any outdoor retailer such as evo, Backcountry, Moosejaw, and REI. You can pick them up on Amazon too.

Extra lenses retail for $125 and are available almost everywhere the goggles can be purchased.

4D what is included

Sustainable Packaging

Smith Optics has gone a more sustainable route with its goggle packaging. The 4D mags come in a brown cardboard box with no plastic windows. There is only 1 small piece of throwaway plastic protecting the inner lens surfaces.

Gigantic peripheral vision

The biggest feature of the Smith 4D Mag is the field of view. It is gigantic. No other goggle out there touches it for field of view. Moving my eyes left, right, or down, I can barely see the frame in the far edges of my periphery. The only places I can easily see the goggle frame are the top edge and right around my nose. Everywhere else is open view. The field of view with these goggles is just better than anything else out there right now. The lenses are sharp and clear with little to no distortion across most of the viewing expanse.

There is a little distortion in the lower parts of the lens where there is a lot of curvature. If I am sitting at home looking at the wall trying to see it, it’s noticeable. When I’m on the mountain and my focus is forward and I’m not straining to look down I don’t notice it.

4D Lens shape

Smith 4D Mag lens technology

The lenses of the 4D mag are what really make the goggles special. Lets talk about the tech going into them.

Birds eye view lens shape – The Smith 4D Mag has a really unique lens shape. According to Smith it gives as much as 25% more field of view over the I/O toric lens shape. After using the goggles I can believe it. From a distance, it looks like a cylindrical lens with a curve on the bottom edge. If you look at it up close there is a small, very subtle, radius in the vertical direction across the whole lens. This makes it a toric lens with different radius in the horizontal and vertical direction. No other snow goggle uses a shape like this right now.

Smith MAG lens system – The 4D Mag uses Smith’s Mag lens change system. The system uses 8 magnets in the frame and 2 mechanical clips at the lower outboard edges. The purpose of the mechanical clips is so you can’t lose a lens in a hard fall or while lifting your goggles up on a chair lift. The system is easy to use. You can swap lenses while wearing the goggles. You will need to take your gloves off.

Chromapop Lens – All the available lenses utilize Chromapop technology. This allows for better clarity and color refraction letting you see better. It works by filtering colors between blue and green and red and green. Your eyes naturally have a difficult time differentiating these wavelengths. Lenses are available in a variety of colors, finishes, and VLTs. Photochromic lenses are available as well.

Available lens VLT range

The 4D Mag has a wide variety of lenses. There are currently 15 available lenses

  • 9%-16% VLT Sun lenses good for bright conditions.
  • 22-25% VLT Everyday lenses. These are good for partly cloudy, sunny, or slightly overcast conditions.
  • 50-65% VLT Storm lenses. These are good for darker cloudy days or skiing while it’s snowing or raining.
  • 89% VLT Clear lens. This is good for evening and night skiing
  • Photochromic lens. There are 2 photochromic options with a VLT range of 20-40% or 30-50%

UV Protection

All Smith Optics ski goggles offer 100% UV protection from harmful UV rays.

Smith 4D goggle frames

The frame uses a responsive fit frame that is soft enough to form around your head giving it a comfortable fit. The inner layer foam is soft and wicking and gives a very comfortable and soft feel. The 4D Mags feel more like they are giving your face a soft hug. They do not have stiff aggressive feeling foam like Oakley goggles. The foam is moisture wicking and breathable to help keep the goggles fog free.

Flat Light Performance

ChromaPop lenses have long been the leader in flat light performance. The 4D Mag performs like you would expect it on flat days. The yellowish/orange tint on the inner lens really helps bring out definition in the snow on flat overcast and cloudy days. The second low light lens works well on darker days when it’s snowing or there is just no sunlight to be found anywhere.

4D Mag on flat light day

Anti Fog Performance

The 4D mag has plenty of ventilation to stay fog free. They are designed to work with Smith AirEvac vents on Smith helmets. They have good anti-fog performance by themselves. It gets better when using with a Smith Helmet such as the Vantage MIPS.

Magnetic Lens Swap

The 4D mag uses a combination of magnets and latches for swapping lenses. The latches are located on the bottom outboard corner of the frame just below the strap. To swap lenses you need to open the 2 latches and then pull the lens off. I am able to change the lenses with the goggles still on my face. The latches are small and I can’t do it with even thin gloves on. The 4D lens doesn’t have much frame around it on the bottom edge. You always have to touch and possibly smudge the bottom corners of the lens while swapping.

The 4D mag system is a big improvement over the Smith I/O Mag system where the latches were hidden behind the straps. You can’t change the lens on an I/O Mag without taking the goggles off of your helmet. Thankfully the system was improved for the 4D Mag.

Helmet Compatibility

The top of the 4D mag has a conventional shape that will work well with most ski helmets. The goggle strap is long enough to work with size L or XL helmets. The AirEvac vent system on Smith helmets will bring out the best in the 4D Mag anti-fog performance. We have been testing out the 4D Mags with a Smith Vantage MIPS helmet. They are a really good pair together. The 4D Mag will work well with other brand helmets such as Oakley or Giro too.

Vantage with 4D Standing bottom of mountain
Smith 4D Mag ski goggles with Smith Vantage MIPS helmet

Not OTG Compatible

The Smith 4D Mag goggles are not OTG compatible. Glasses will not fit inside the frames. I tried and it’s not happening. My glasses frames are about half an inch wider than the goggle foam on both sides.

Medium fit, small fit, low bridge fit.

Smith makes a couple versions of the 4D Mag. They make both small and medium fit versions. They also make low bridge fit versions for both sizes.

Hard case, goggle sock and microfiber carry bag

These ski goggles come with a hard case, a goggle sock, and a microfiber carrying bag. The hard case is really nice and up to what you would expect from Smith. This has been a long time complaint for me that Smith only gives you a single microfiber bag with goggles. Cheap brands such as Outdoor Master give you a hard case and a bag with their cheap Pro model and a case and 2 bags with their Ultra model. I’m happy to see Smith finally catching up with included accessories with the 4D.

The goggle sock is a Gogglesoc branded and not generic too. It’s good for putting on your goggles when walking around and not skiing. I have scratched a ton of goggle lenses while loading and unloading the back of my SUV when I hit my head into the top of the liftgate. I put the sock on when I stop skiing and it keeps that from happening.

Smith 4D Mag Ski Goggles
Smith 4D Mag Product Image

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Recommendation – Buy or No Buy?

The Smith 4D Mag ski goggles offer an incredible field of view that no other goggle tops. They come with 2 lenses, a hard case, and a goggle sock. They are a step up in price but they deliver on performance and are worth it. We highly recommend the Smith 4D Mag snow goggles for anyone looking for a new set of ski or snowboard goggles this winter.

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