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Wildhorn Brimhall Ski Boot Bag – Test and Review

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Updated May 1st, 2024

A larger ski boot bag made from heavy duty recycled materials with lots of storage compartments

Wildhorn Brimhall Ski Boot Bag review

Manufacturer and Model: Wildhorn Brimhall Boot and Gear Bag
List Price: $99.99


The Wildhorn Brimhall Ski Boot Bag has a lot of attractive features such as a dedicated boot compartment, stowable backpack straps, and fleece lined goggle compartment. It is small enough that it could work as a carryon bag for flying without a helmet inside. It is well made with durable materials and zippers.

What we liked:

  • Separate compartments allow for more organization
  • Fleece lined goggle compartment
  • Boot compartment has drains and water resistant materials
  • Has several handles for carrying
  • Has stowable backpack straps along with a detachable shoulder strap

What we didn’t like:

  • XL and larger L size helmets are difficult to zip into helmet compartment
  • No water bottle pocket on the outside

Wildhorn Brimhall product image


  • Size – 14 x 13 x 19 inches
  • Volume – 56L
  • Features – Stowable backpack straps and shoulder strap, separate boot compartment with drains

Wildhorn Brimhall Ski Boot Bag Review

Wildhorn Outfitters always delivers innovative gear at a good value. They don’t just rebadge generic gear with their name on it. Their very popular Roca ski goggles have their own design magnetic lens system that works great and lenses will never fall off. Everything they design is well thought out and makes sense. Their gear rarely ever has any feature that just leaves you wondering why did they do that.

The Wildhorn Brimhall is their latest ski boot and gear bag design. It takes a different approach from the other common ski boot bag designs. It opens clamshell style with a zipper compartment on one side and a gear compartment on the other side.

Let’s get into all the details of the Wildhorn Brimhall Ski Boot Bag

Wilhorn Brimhall on floor
Wildhorn Brimhall open on floor

1 – Bag Size

The Brimhall has 56 liters of volume inside the bag. It will easily fit almost any size ski boots in the boot compartment. The gear compartment can fit most ski helmets, ski goggles, gloves, accessories, and a ski jacket and ski pants. It is a tight fit to get the zipper shut when fully loaded but you can get it all in.

The bag is 14 x 13 x 19 inches when fully loaded. It is larger than the standard 22 x 14 x 9 inch carry on bag size limit most airlines have. If you don’t stuff the gear side of the bag too full you can get it under 9 inches of depth and use it for carrying on a set of boots. I don’t think you can get the height down to less than 9 inches with a helmet in the bag. It should easily fit some clothes and other gear and still come in under size.

2 – Bag Construction

The bag is made with a 420D Nylon water resistant outer shell and 210D polyester water resistant inner liner. The bag has some heavier rubberized material on the bottom. It feels thick and sturdy. The outer zipper looks oversized enough to stand up to airline checked bag abuse without bursting open.

3 – Storage Compartments

The Brimhall has a unique pocket arrangement inside that makes it easy to organize gear in the bag.

Boot Compartment

The boot compartment takes up one half of the clamshell bag. It has a zipper cover to keep it isolated from the rest of your gear. It has a few drainage grommets on the bottom and one side. It will drain water whether you are carrying it backpack style or with the shoulder strap. The boot compartment has a removable padded divider to keep your boots from rubbing against each other. This is a nice feature for keeping your boots looking nice and not scratched up.

The flap that covers the boot bag compartment also has a mesh bag sewn into it. This is large enough for a ski jacket or other large sized piece of outerwear.

Wildhorn Brimhall boot compartment
Wildhorn Brimhall boot compartment empty

Gear Compartments

On the other side of the bag is the gear compartments. This side of the bag has 4 zipper compartments. The larger top and bottom compartment are both big enough to hold a ski helmet and zip shut. They will fit a Large sized Wildhorn Drift ski helmet no problem. If I try really hard I can just barely get the zipper to shut with my XL sized Smith Nexus in it. These 2 compartments can also fit a rolled up ski jacket or ski pants too.

There are 2 zipper pockets in the middle. The smaller one has a fleece lining to fit a set of ski goggles. The pocket goes fairly deep and fits a lot more than it looks like it will from the cover size. The other zipper pocket is big enough for a set of gloves, a hat, and a neck gaiter.

There is one zipper pocket on the outside of the bag in front. This will hold a book or some clothing item that isn’t too thick.

Wildhorn Brimhall gear compartment
Wildhorn Brimhall gear compartment empty

4 – Backpack Straps and Handles

The Brimhall has a few options for carrying it. There is a large padded handle on top. The handle has some foam structure to it and has a much better feel than a standard webbing strap. There is another similar big padded handle on one side.

The bag has stowable padded backpack straps. The back of the bag is meshed lined with some padding as well. It’s comfortable to carry as a backpack. I don’t feel the boots poking through the bag much.

A removable padded shoulder strap is also included. You can carry this either backpack style or shoulder style or with one of the handles. The boot compartment has drain holes on 2 sides so they will drain melted snow either way you carry it.

Wildhorn Brimhall backpack straps
Wildhorn Brimhall shoulder straps

Recommendation – Buy or No Buy?

The Wildhorn Brimhall is a versatile ski boot bag with lots of storage and carrying options. It has some nice extra features like multiple gear pockets and stowable backpack straps. It could be used as an airline carry on bag for your boots if you don’t overload it to full.

See our guide to the best ski boot bags for other good options.

Wildhorn Brimhall product image

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