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NIXY Tahoe Inflatable Kayak – Test and Review

A great performing inflatable kayak with a drop stitch floor that can be set up as a tandem or single kayak. Manufacturer and Model: NIXY TahoeList Price: $695 Overall Score Construction9.0 Stability9.0 Speed Performance8.0 Tracking8.5 Accessories9.0 Portability7.0 Summary The NIXY Tahoe is a new inflatable kayak from NIXY Sports. It is a large 12 foot … Read more

Boost Surfing Motorized Fin – Test and Review

Manufacturer and Model: Boost Surfing Motorized FinList Price: $699 Summary The Boost Surfing Motorized Fin is easy to attach to almost any inflatable paddleboard or kayak. It has a 2 button wrist band controller and phone app for controlling it and adjusting settings. It gives you enough power to cruise for 40 to 100 minutes … Read more

Voited Changing Robe Review – Test and Review

Anyone who’s ever been paddleboarding in cold weather knows that one of the worst parts of the experience is getting out of your wetsuit and wet bathing suit. A well designed changing robe can make getting out of cold wet clothes a much more pleasant experience. The Voited Outdoor Change Robe and Dry Coat is … Read more

Redfin Hatteras Sunglasses – Test and Review

When it comes to finding the best polarized sunglasses for paddleboarding, kayaking and sailing, Redfin Hatteras Sunglasses are a top contender. They have a sleek and sporty design that is perfect for any water activity. With their 100% UVA/UVB protection, you can rest assured that your eyes will be safe from the sun’s harmful rays. … Read more

BOTE Deus Aero Inflatable Kayak – Test and Review

The BOTE Deus Aero kayak is one of the most innovative inflatable watercraft out there. It can be used as both a kayak and a SUP. It uses full drop stitch construction so it feels and performs like a rigid kayak. It is super comfortable to sit on. Keep reading for our BOTE Deus Aero … Read more

Epic Nalgene OG Bottle – Test and Review

I recently got a chance to try out a couple of water bottles from Epic Water Filters. These have built in water filters allowing you to have clean filtered water anywhere. They eliminate the need to use bottled water where you are unsure of the quality of the water supply. I tried out the Epic … Read more