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How Much Does a Ski Trip Cost? Complete Cost Breakdown

If you don’t live near any mountains or you want to ski somewhere with a bit more adventure then it’s time for a ski vacation. how much does a ski trip cost? Along with all the normal costs of skiing, it’s time to add in someplace to stay and transportation to get there. You may … Read more

First Time Guide To Skiing Out West

You’ve been skiing at bit at Mt Holly, or your small local ski resort, and you’ve taken some road trips to up north or Vermont. Someone introduced you to the Warren Miller film and you’ve seen some out of this world scenes from resorts out west such as Jackson Hole. It’s time for your first … Read more

Buying Skis vs Renting. Should You Rent or Buy Skis?

Should you buy or rent skis? If your thinking about learning to ski or skiing for a while you might be thinking of buying your own skis. There are a lot of things to consider when deciding whether to buy skis or keep renting. Cost, convenience, terrain, and ability level are all things to consider. … Read more

Mittens Vs Gloves For Skiing? Are Mittens or Gloves Better?

In the debate of Gloves vs Mittens for skiing. Which options is better for you? Both gloves and mittens work well for skiing. It mostly comes down to personal preference. Both gloves and mittens have their advantages and disadvantages for downhill skiing. You will see many people wearing both on any given day at any … Read more