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Neberon Pro Heated Gloves – Test and Review

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Updated April 9th, 2024

Neberon Pro Heated Gloves Review

Manufacturer and Model: Neberon Heated Gloves
List Price: $89.99


The Neberon Pro Heated Gloves and Mittens have stronger than average heat in the fingers thanks to heating elements that wrap around the fingers. They are a little shorter on battery life to go with that stronger heat. They make use of Thinsulate insulation along with a waterproof and breathable membrane to keep them warm and dry.

What we liked:

  • More heating elements wrapped around the fingers than other heated gloves
  • Fast charging time in just a few hours
  • Waterproof and breathable construction
  • 2 tone white and black appearance with a little more flare than the standard black heated gloves
  • Intelligent warming that switches from high to medium after 10 minutes

What we didn’t like:

  • Shorter battery life than other heated gloves
  • The wrist strap needs to be too tight to get the velcro strap to hook

Neberon Pro Heated Gloves product image


  • Battery Life Published – 2 hours high, 3 hours medium, 7.5 hours low
  • Touchscreen compatible – yes
  • Waterproofing – Yes, eVent fabric membrane
  • Insulation – Thinsulate
  • Heating element area – Back of hand and fingers

Neberon Pro Heated Gloves Review and Test

We were approached by Neberon to try out there latest heated glove design. We have tried out a lot of heated gloves the past couple winters and always like trying new stuff. We picked out a set of Pro Heated Gloves and Pro Heated Mittens to try out for this review.

Can’t decide whether you need mittens or gloves? See our guide to mittens vs gloves for skiing to help you decide.

Neberon Pro Heated gloves on mountain
Neberon Pro heated mittens on mountain

1 – Features

The Neberon Pro heated ski gloves have Thinsulate insulation along with an eVent waterproof and breathable membrane. They use a 7.6 volt heating system with heating elements along the back of the wrist and wrapping around the fingers. They are available in a glove, mitten and also 3 finger style.

Neberon Pro Gloves what is included

2 – Insulation (7.0/10)

The Neberon gloves use 3M Thinsulate insulation made with 78% recycled materials. They use an eVent breathable membrane. eVent is similar to Gore-Tex. It makes the gloves waterproof while still allowing them to breath and let sweat moisture out.

3 – Heating Power (9.0/10)

The Neberon gloves have 3 heat settings. The LED lights and button on the wrist of the glove control heat level and show how much battery is left with a 3 bar meter. They have an intelligent heating function so they automatically switch from high to medium power after 10 minutes to conserve battery.

The heating elements on these gloves cover the back of the wrist and wrap around the fingers down to the second nuckle from the tip. If you turn the gloves on high and leave them sit for a few minutes they have noticeably warmer feeling fingers than the standard $100 level heated glove from other brands. You can feel some heat on the palm side of your fingers. This could be a plus for anyone with Raynaud’s Disease that needs more finger heat.

Neberon claims that the gloves heat up in 3 seconds. I was able to start feeling heat in the gloves around 8 seconds. It took about 3 minutes to feel fully heated up. I did a 2 hand comparison wearing a few other sets of heated gloves we have around. Their heat up time is about average when compared to Venustas and iHood heated gloves. They heat up faster than Black Diamond Solano but they do not have nearly the insulation of those gloves.

The published battery duration for these gloves is 2-2.25 hours on high, 3-4.5 hours on medium, and 7.5-8.5 hours on low.

We tested how long each heat setting would last before the battery died. We got the following results.

  • Low – 5 hours 6 minutes
  • Medium – 3 hours 15 minutes
  • High – 2 hours 25 minutes

Medium and high power are towards the low end of their published range. Low power was several hours short of it’s published number. Almost every other set of heated gloves we have tested has gone over the 3 hour mark on high and the 4 hour mark on medium. I would recommend picking up an extra set of batteries to go with these gloves so that you can use the medium and high settings for most of your ski day.

4 – Overall Warmth (8.5/10)

On a cold day on the mountain, I was not really able to feel the heat unless using medium or high setting for heat power. Medium was only slightly less warm than high. Low power is hard to feel any heat and doing a 2 glove test with 1 glove turned off, I could not tell which one was on low and which one was off. This has been true of every heated glove we have tried on colder under 20F days.

With 2 sets of batteries you could leave these running on medium or high all day while skiing and have very warm fingers. With 1 set of batteries you will have a hard time getting a full day out of these unless you just use them for a warmup during chair lift rides.

5 – Dexterity (8.0/10)

Finger stiffness is about average for this weight heated glove. It’s right on par with other $100 heated glove sets. They aren’t as heavily insulated as the higher end heated gloves so it’s easier to flex the fingers which is the postive to less insulation.

6 – Glove Construction (8.5/10)

The construction on these gloves is what you would expect for gloves in the $100-$150 range. They have a waterproof and breathable membrane. They use Thinsulate insulation. They have a goat leather like material on the palms. They reinforce the palm area with some rubber grip pads also. The rest of the glove is covered by a nylon shell.

Neberon Pro gloves mittens back
Neberon Pro gloves mittens palms

The gloves have elastic cinches around the cuff along with wrist leashes. There is a webbing wrist band that uses velcro for tightening it. I found that the wrist band needs to be pulled too tight to get the velcro to stick. This makes it not as adjustable as just using a webbing adjuster. I ended up wearing them with the wrist strap loose most of the time. This was true for both the gloves and mittens.

There is also a metal hook and grommet on a leather strap for hooking the gloves together. It looks like they did a good job of making a Hestra style glove hook. The small metal carabiner hook is nice and easy to use compared to the small plastic hooks other gloves use.

Neberon Pro battery compartment
Neberon Pro wrist leash

Recommendation – Buy or No Buy?

The Neberon heated gloves and mittens have better finger heat than other similar heated gloves. At the same time they have a shorter battery duration to go with it. If you want heat around both sides of your fingers than these are a good way to go. I highly recommend getting a second set of batteries to go with them to get a full day of skiing out of the batteries.

Neberon Pro Heated Gloves product image

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