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Nixy Ventus Paddle Board Electric Pump – Test and Review

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Updated April 9th, 2024

NIXY Paddle Board Pump Review

The Nixy Ventus electric pump is a good electric paddle board pump with many great features. It includes a nice carrying bag and can inflate many boards in a row thanks to active cooling. We got a chance to try out the Nixy Ventus paddle board pump and test out its features along with the optional battery pack. Keep reading to get the full review of the Nixy Ventus electric pump.

What we liked:

  • Nice friendly appearance that matches Nixy paddleboards
  • Complete package including carry bag
  • Available optional battery pack
  • Reliably can pump up many boards in a row
  • Easy to read display with easy to use controls
  • Convenient cord 12 volt cord storage on bottom of pump

What we didn’t like:

  • It takes several minutes longer to inflate a board than the iRocker pump.
  • The air hose can get hot after pumping a few boards in a row

Features of the Nixy Ventus Paddle Board Pump

The Nixy Ventus is a good SUP electric pump with a lot of great features. Nixy decided to make their own pump and make something really good. They didn’t take the easy route and rebrand a generic pump with their name on it. Nixy provided us with a pump and power pack to review. We put it through its paces to see how it measured up. As with all our reviews, we’ll give you all the good and bad about it.

The Ventus has a nice friendly look to it. It’s got some ergonomic shape with round edges and light colors. It has a relaxing look to it. It’s not as hard edged as the square iRocker pump. It’s not as Abstract looking as the Outdoor Master Shark 2. Its appearance fits the paddleboarding lifestyle. If you happen to get an aqua colored Nixy G4 paddleboard it will match the color of your board too.

ventus pump


The iRocker electric air pump currently retails for $139. It is available directly from Nixy or from Amazon.


Nixy offers a 1 year warranty on their electric pump and power pack.

Active cooling for inflating multiple boards

The highlight feature of this pump is the built in active cooling fan. This allows the pump to inflate many boards in a row. Most electric paddleboard pumps can inflate 2 boards before overheating. Most can’t do the 3rd board. The Ventus can do 3 boards and I’ve been told it will do 10 in a row without overheating. I’ve personally inflated over 7 with it.

Max pressure

This pump can inflate up to 20 psi in 0.5 psi increments.

Size and weight

The pump measures 10″ x 8″ x 5″. This puts it slightly smaller than an Outdoor Master Shark 2 but larger than an iRocker pump. It might fit in your SUP bag depending on how crowded the bag is.

Cord storage

The Nixy Ventus has one of the better onboard cord storage systems I’ve seen. It has a feature to wrap the cord around underneath the pump with a hole where the plug can be stored. This makes the cord hidden when not in use. It doesn’t add a plastic door that can break easily or make the pump larger with a compartment for storing it.

nixy cord storage

12 volt power

The Ventus operates off of 12 volt power. It has a standard 12 volt plug that will work with the power plugs in most cars. It also comes with a set of alligator clips to attach directly to a 12 volt car battery.

hose and alligator clips

Carrying bag

This paddleboard pump comes with a very nice padded carrying bag. The bag has a mesh zipper pocket under the lid that can hold the air hose along with the alligator clips. The main compartment has a padded divider where you can put the optional power pack battery. The bag has an adjustable shoulder strap. There is a small zipper pocket on the front as well. I wish every electric paddleboard pump would come with a bag like this.

Nixy Pump Bag1
Nixy Pump Bag

Stand up paddle board compatibility

The Nixy electric pump will work with almost any paddleboard or other inflatable out there. It has the following valve adapters. H3/HR, C7, Boston, Pinch, and 805. This will cover almost every inflatable paddleboard and kayak out there.

Whale Adapter Plugs

Max pressure

This pump can inflate up to 20 psi in 0.5 psi increments.

Inflate and deflate

The pump has inflate and deflate modes. You change by connecting the air hose up to the appropriate outlet. The arrows molded into the case make it easy to read which port is which.

Nixy inflate and deflate

Digital Display and Controls

The Ventus has a standard 4 button arrangement for controlling it.

  • PSI/BAR – switch between PSI and Bar for pressure reading
  • + – adjust target presssure up
  • – adjust targert pressure down
  • Power – turn the pump on and off. Start and stop the pump

This display shows pressure and target pressure. Pressure reads to 0.01 psi. The display also shows input voltage. It’s easy to read in bright light or dark light.

Nixy pump display

Carrying handle

The pump has a carrying handle across the top. It is made from 2 inch webbing with a rubber grip in the middle. There is a depression in the top of the pump for hand clearance. It’s one of the better, well put together, handle designs I’ve seen on a pump.

Optional Battery Pack

Nixy sells an optional power pack that can power the Ventus pump without a car or other 12 volt source. It is small and fits in the carrying bag. It’s got enough power to inflate at least 3 boards. It also has LED lights that work as a flashlight and USB outlets so it can power other devices.

nixy battery power pack
power pack USB outlets
battery pack flashlight


nixy power pack battery product image

Using the pump

We tried out the pump on a variety of boards. We inflated everything from a 10’6″ all around board to a Red Paddle Co 12’6″ Sport and the large Nixy 11’6″ Monterey. The Nixy Ventus inflated all of them to their desired pressures without any issues at all.

Nixy Ventus inflating board

Inflation times

We use 2 boards here to measure inflation times for all the electric pumps we test. The first is a 10’6″ x 32″ all around board. We time how long it takes to inflate to 14 psi using the same 12 volt power source for every pump. The second test is 12’6″ x 30″ touring board that we time to 15 psi and 20 psi.

Inflating 10’6″ All Around board to 14 psi

The NIXY pump took 8 minutes and 28 seconds to inflate the 10’6″ all around board. This is slower than the fastest pump (iRocker Pump) by about a minute. It’s about average for pumps with active cooling. I’ve noticed on the 3 pumps we have tested with active fans that they have a slower pumping speed. I’m assuming this is to keep the pump motors running at a power level that the cooling fan can keep up with.

Inflating 12’6″ Touring board to 20 psi

The Nixy Ventus took 11 minutes and 15 seconds to inflate the 12’6″ touring board to 15 psi. It took 14 minutes and 34 seconds to inflate it to 20 psi. These results are similar to the 10’6″ all around test. They are several minutes slower than the fastest pumps.

You won’t inflate your board faster with this pump than your manual pump but you won’t wreck yourself doing it either. I’d still choose an average or slower electric pump over a hand pump any day. The pump speed is the one thing about this pump that keeps it from being my overall favorite electric pump.

The below table has a summary of all our electric SUP pump inflation results with the 2 test boards.

Electric Pump 10’6 x 32.5″ x 6″ All Around Board 12’6″ x 30″ x 6″ Touring Board 12’6″ x 30″ x 6″ Touring Board
14 psi 15 psi 20 psi
Outdoor Master Shark 2 8 min 40 sec 9 min 35 sec 13 min 1 sec
Outdoor Master Whale 9 min 22 sec 9 min 58 sec
Outdoor Master Cachalot 7 min 51 sec 9 min 23 sec 13 min 49 sec
Outdoor Master Dolphin 2 9 min 27 sec 11 min 23 sec 14 min 36 sec
Outdoor Master Cachalot 2 7 min 13 sec 8 min 53 sec 12 min 20 sec
Outdoor Master Cachalot 2S 7 min 5 sec 8 min 40 sec 12 min 13 sec
iRocker Electric Pump 7 min 5 sec 8 min 32 sec 11 min 50 sec
NIXY Ventus 8 min 28 sec 11 min 15 sec 14 min 34 sec
Bluefin E-Swift 7 min 18 sec 9 min 6 sec 12 min 25 sec
Serenelife SLPUMP50 7 min 37 sec 9 min 7 sec
Serenlife SLPUMP30 8 min 12 sec 9 min 27 sec 14 min 20 sec
Serenlife SLPUMP10 11 min 32 sec 13 min 49 sec
Airbank Puffer Pro 7 min 27 sec 9 min 8 sec 12 min 48 sec
Airbank Whale Shark Pro 7 min 49 sec 9 min 41 sec 13 min 13 sec
Valwix Electric Pump 7 min 10 sec 8 min 48 sec 12 min 16 sec

How many boards can the optional power pack battery inflate?

We used the 10’6″ all around board and inflated it over and over to 14psi. Immediately after inflating it, we deflated it by laying on it and quickly getting as much air out as we could. We hooked the pump back up to start again. This was to test the battery pack and to see if the board would overheat pumping several boards in a row.

We were able to inflate the board 4 times. On the 5th time, the pump stopped at 8psi. The pump showed an ERR message. The battery showed 11% left. I let it sit for a minute and restarted the pump. It went to 8.75psi before showing the ERR message again and the battery dropped to 6%. The battery voltage starts sagging too much around 11% capacity to run the pump.

The power pack shows percent battery life left. It has a steep curve that flattens out after you get to 50%. The battery went from 100% to 49% after inflating the first board. It only dropped about 10% to inflate each board after that. Don’t panic when it shows you used half the battery on your first board. There is plenty of battery left for 1 or 2 more boards.

How many boards can it pump in a row?

We did the timed test for the 10’6″ all around board first. Then we tested the power pack battery and inflated that board 4.5 more times. Then we inflated the 12’6″ board to 20 psi right after that. We pumped up the Nixy Monterey 11’6″ x 34″ which is a large dual air chamber board to see how long it would take. That is 7.5 inflatable paddleboards pumped up in a row without any resting time.


The Nixy Ventus has similar noise levels to every other pump we have tested in its second high pressure stage. This is the one downside to every electric SUP pump we have tried so far. It isn’t bad outside. I would not inflate any paddleboard indoors with any electric pump without ear plugs.

Ventus SUP Pump, iSUP Eletric Air Pump

NIXY Ventus Product Image

The Verdict

The Nixy Ventus electric pump is a really good pump with a lot of great features. We love the look and feel of the pump, the carry bag, and the ability to pump up many boards in a row. We wish that it was faster inflating boards which is its only weakness. It still pumps boards up in a reasonable amount of time.

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