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Oakley MOD5 Ski Helmet – Test and Review

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Updated April 9th, 2024

Oakley MOD5 ski helmet review

Oakley ski helmets have always looked a little different. You either love the style or hate it. The new Oakley MOD5 Snow helmet is a little more toned down but still uniquely Oakley in appearance. It has more subtle adjustable vents and a very comfortable fit and feel. Keep reading to get all the details on the Oakley MOD5 ski helmet.

What we liked:

  • Oakley style
  • MIPS safety performance
  • Hybrid construction for less weight
  • Hidden adjustable venting
  • Very comfortable to wear
  • BOA adjustable fit
  • Goggle defogging vents
  • Magnetic fidlock buckle

What we didn’t like:

  • Not as much venting as other designs
  • Heavier weight

Bottom Line

The Oakley MOD5 is stylish and functional for those who want to stand out. It is very comfortable and has MIPS, hybrid construction, and innovative hidden adjustable venting.


  • Construction – Hybrid In-mold
  • MIPS – Available
  • Weight – 1 lbs 6 oz
  • Ventilation – Adjustable
  • Goggle Defog Vents – Yes
  • Audio Compatible – Yes

Oakley MOD5 Ski Helmet Review and Test

We picked up a new version of the Oakley MOD5 helmet to try out. I have been enjoying a set of Oakley Fall Line goggles since last spring and wanted an Oakley helmet to match. The MOD5 has all the features we were looking for including adjustable vents, MIPS and audio compatible ear pads. Let’s get into the details of the MOD5.

MOD5 Fall Line side view on mountain
Oakley MOD5 with Oakley Fall Line goggles
Oakley MOD5 snow helmet static view


The Oakley MOD5 retails for $270. You can get it from a variety of places including evo, Backcountry, REI, Moosejaw, and Amazon. A helmet bag is included with the helmet for that price.

The MOD5 has changed for winter 2022-23 and there are a lot of places still selling older generation MOD5’s.

MIPS – Multi-directional Impact Protection System

The Oakley MOD5 helmet has MIPS. MIPS is a layer in the helmet under the EPS foam and Koryd energy absorber that allows the helmet exterior shell to rotate relative to your head. This means that for an angled impact such as a glancing blow, the helmet shell will rotate without forcing your head to rotate. This reduces the forces going into your head and spine reducing your risk of injury. Learn more about MIPS here.

MOD5 rear view

Safety certifications

The MOD5 is certified to ASTM F2040 and CE EN1077 certifications covering it for the United States and Europe.


The MOD5 weighs in at 1 lb 6 oz which is a bit on the heavy side for a ski helmet. We weighed our size large and it matched the published spec weight. It has a bit more cushion and comfort than the lightweight helmets out there.

Hybrid construction

The MOD5 makes use of hybrid construction with a hard shell top and in-mold lower. It uses something Oakley calls Skull Matrix which is a plastic liner that attaches all the straps and BOA adjuster to the helmet structure.

MOD5 helmet interior

Anti-microbial lining

A Polartec anti-microbial lining is used. It is moisture wicking and breathable. It is held in place with velcro tabs and easily removable for cleaning. It has a smooth finish to the material. Webbing is used in between the padded regions. It does not have a fuzzy fleece feel material.

BOA helmet fit system

The MOD5’s size can be fine tuned with a BOA size adjuster. It has plenty of range for adjustment. The BOA adjuster location can be adjusted up and down with a couple plastic snaps on the Skull Matrix plastic liner. This allows the helmet to better cradle the back of your head.

MOD5 BOA Adjustable Mount

Adjustable venting

The MOD5 has adjustable venting. The vents are more low profile and hidden in the helmet design. It doesn’t have a ton of obvious vents like a Smith Vantage. The vents can be adjusted with a slider on top of the helmet. There is enough ventilation for skiing at a resort. Hiking on a warmer day will leave you wishing for more vents.

MOD5 adjustable vents
MOD5 side view with vents

Goggle defog vents

The front goggle defog vent is a thin horizontal bar that looks like it needs a moving red LED light scanning across it. It is a little more unique looking than the normal 2 small vents in the front corner that most ski and snowboard helmets have.

MOD5 Goggle defog vent

Removable ear pads

The ear pads have a neoprene material feel on the inside. It’s smooth and not fuzzy. The earpads use a snap on the chin strap to hold them in place. They don’t use a feature on the plastic base that slides into the helmet. The snap is a good idea that makes sliding the ear pieces on and off easier.

The ear pads are audio compatible. There is a velcro opening on the top of the outside of the ear bad. The bottom of the pocket is open but it’s too small for a speaker to slide out.

Comfort and Sizing

I wear a size large with most ski helmets. The MOD5 is nice and roomy feeling for me even with MIPS. I would say that the sizing is reasonable. I find the helmet very comfortable to wear. I don’t have any pressure points anywhere on my head. It just feels nice and cozy all around. The MOD5 is available in sizes small, medium and large. There is no Asian Fit or Round Countour Fit version available.


The Oakley MOD5 has a low profile look. It has a small brim to it. The helmet is clean and smooth with most of the vents located in the character lines. The top of the helmet has a transparent smooth gloss insert. The rear of the helmet has some detailing with another small gloss panel. The Oakley logos are in dark grey on my black helmet. They are small compared to the loud look of the old MOD5.

Goggle compatibility

The MOD5 works really well with flat cylindrical lens goggles such as the Oakley Fall Line and Oakley Line Miner. I don’t find the look great with spherical lens goggles. It really has a more minimalist look to it and spherical lenses look like they bulge out too much underneath it.

There is a plastic clip on the back to hold your goggle strap. It is recessed so it doesn’t stick out much from the rear surface of the helmet keeping the look clean.

The Modular Brim system is gone

We haven’t made any mention of the Oakley Modular Brim system that gave the MOD helmets their name. That’s because the MOD5 helmet no longer has this feature. It has a small brim in front that is big enough to cover the top of a set of Flight Deck or Fall Line goggles. There is no smaller brim you can swap out anymore. The brim is part of the lower helmet shell molding now.

Oakley MOD5 Ski Helmet

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The Verdict

The new Oakley MOD5 ski helmet has a sleek lean appearance with low profile vents. It’s very comfortable to wear with plenty of room. It is a little on the heavy side and doesn’t have as much venting as some other helmets. If I was choosing a helmet for comfort, style and warmth I would choose the Oakley MOD5. If I was choosing a helmet for a lightweight design and lots of venting I would go with a Smith Vantage.

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