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Outdoor Master Bike Helmet With MIPS – Test and Review

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Updated April 9th, 2024

Outdoor Master Bike Helmet with MIPS Review

Biking is a lot of fun. Riding with a helmet can make it a lot safer. I’ve had a head meets tree incident before while biking and it wasn’t fun. I recently got a chance to try out the new Outdoor Master Bike Helmet with MIPS. I’ve ridden quite a bit with it now on bike paths and mountain bike trails and am very happy with it. Keep reading to learn more about the Outdoor Master GEM MIPS Bicycle Helmet.

What we liked:

  • Great value for a MIPS helmet
  • As light as much more expensive helmets
  • Great ventilation
  • Comfortable to wear for long rides
  • Visor is big enough to block son and deflect branches and brush

What we didn’t like:

  • Visor is removable but the angle is fixed
  • No XL size for larger heads

Features of the Outdoor Master Bike Helmet with MIPS

The Outdoor Master MIPS bike helmet design looks like a road/cross country mountain biking style helmet. It has lots of ventilation and a removable visor. It has slightly deeper coverage on the back of your head than a road helmet. Not as much as a true trail helmet. It’s similar to a Giro Artex or Giro Register helmet. It’s good for trail riding single track and fire road adventures. I would want something more for downhilling.

Hawk Sunglasses with GEM Helmet
Outdoor Master GEM MIPS helmet with Outdoor Master Hawk sunglasses

I have been a long time Giro helmet user for mountain biking. I took one hard head first into a tree that left me hurting everywhere but my head. I understand the true importance of a good mountain bike helmet.

I have been wearing the Outdoor Master Diamond MIPS helmet for most of last ski season. It is a very comfortable MIPS helmet. I have high expectations for the GEM MIPS Bike helmet after that.

Outdoor Master GEM MIPS Bike Helmet side view
OM GEM MIPS helmet front view
GEM Bike Helmet Rear View


The Outdoor Master GEM helmet is available for $45.99 from their website using discount code MIPS22. It is also available from Amazon.

Safety Certifications

The helmet complies with US ASTM F1447-18 safety standards for recreational biking and US CPSC Safety Standard for bike helmets for persons 5 years and older.


This helmet has MIPS or Multi-directional Impact Protection System. This allows the helmet liner to have rotational motion relative to the shell when you have an angled impact or a glancing blow. It keeps the rotational force from transferring into your head, neck, and spine. It adds another measure of safety to your helmet.

As a mountain biker, I am a firm believer in MIPS. I went over the handlebars headfirst into a tree on a local trail. The tree hit my helmet on the front corner so not straight on. My head didn’t hurt afterward. My MIPS helmet had a large mark on the front corner going down the side from the tree. This was the type of impact MIPS was created to help and it worked. I won’t mountain bike with a helmet that doesn’t have MIPS.

You can learn more about MIPS here.


The GEM helmet has MIPS technology using in-mold construction with an ABS helmet shell and EPS foam liner. The molding looks very clean. I can’t find any defects in the mold. There is no visible flash or mold lines anywhere.

The visor is attached in 3 places to the shell. It cannot be adjusted up or down. The most missed feature on this helmet compared to higher end helmets is the lack of visor adjustment.

Inside the helmet, there is and integrated MIPS liner. Inside the liner is a mesh and foam liner. Some extra padding is provided so that you can customize the fit and feel of the helmet.

The straps are attached to the EPS liner. There is enough excess chin strap to fit any head size that will fit into the helmet. This is a welcome change. Most Outdoor Master helmets I have tried have had just barely enough chin strap to use and no extra. This one has several inches of excess strap for a change.

There is a size adjuster to adjust the fit of the helmet. The dial feels smooth and works well. It’s easy to adjust while the helmet is on your head. It doesn’t get buried under the shell when you put it on.

Outdoor Master MIPS bike helmet interior

Fit and comfort

The helmet is available in 3 sizes. I use a size large. The fit feels similar to other brands size large. It feels snug when wearing it and doesn’t wobble around anymore than the Giro helmets I have been wearing. I’m confident it’s going to stay in place when I fall. It is secure enough to work with a helmet mounted light without swinging all over the place. The padding inside the helmet works well for my headshape. I haven’t put in any of the extra pieces of liner that came with it.

Extra helmet pads


The helmet has 25 vents. It has a very nice and airy feeling while riding. My head gets plenty of fresh air and doesn’t get hot at all. Overall it has decent ventilation that won’t leave you wishing for more.

Helmet vents

Goggle compatibility

According to OutdoorMaster the helmet is goggle compatible. I tried it on with my favorite set of Outdoor Master Ultra XL goggles. It works. The back of the helmet has the correct angle so that the strap stays in place without sliding up or down.

I’m not sure when you would wear this helmet with goggles. When you want goggles for protection, you would want a helmet with more coverage like a full face helmet. If you wear goggles because it’s cold out, you usually bike with a ski helmet to be warm enough. Goggles work with it if you want to use them.

Going for a ride

The venting on this helmet is plenty for any kind of cross country or road riding. The helmet is light and comfortable. It has a similar non-bulky feel to the Giro helmets I’m usually riding with.

The visor is long enough to provide good sunshade. It also sticks out there far enough to do a good job deflecting branches out of the way before they get in your eyes.

Overall I would say the helmet has good long range comfort with plenty of ventilation. It has great stability for staying on your head and moving around. It’s light enough with no excess bulk so it doesn’t feel like it’s weighing your head down. I think it will be great for doing some long miles.

Side view on bridge
OutdoorMaster MIPS Adult Recreational Cycling Helmet
Outdoor Master MIPS bike helmet product image

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The Verdict

I think Outdoor Master did a really good job designing the GEM helmet. It is well made and includes MIPS. It has lots of vents and a good sized visor. I have been wearing this helmet mountain biking since getting it and enjoying it. If you are looking for a good value biking helmet, check out the Outdoor Master MIPS Bike Helmet.

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