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Outdoor Master Hawk Sport Sunglasses -Test and Review

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Updated April 9th, 2024

Outdoor Master Hawk Sport Sunglasses Review

The new Hawk Sport Sunglasses from Outdoor Master have great lenses, a wide field of view, and their comfortable to wear. They are available in a variety of lens types including polarized and photochromic. We have been putting them to the test mountain biking and paddleboarding. They are great for any outdoor activity. Keep reading to get all the details in our Outdoor Master Hawk Sport Sunglasses review.

What we liked:

  • Great bang for the buck
  • Comfortable fit
  • UV400 protection from UV rays
  • Available in several different lens types including polarized, photochromic and color enhanced
  • Several mirror lens colors to choose from with the revo lenses
  • Easy to swap lenses
  • Impact resistant certified to ANSI Z87.1
  • Most glasses include 2 lenses

What we didn’t like:

  • Rubber nose pads come off when swapping lenses. Can get lost.
  • They don’t float
  • Polarized lens only available in black
  • Photochromic lens not dark enough for really bright sunny days

Features of the Outdoor Master Hawk Sport Sunglasses

Outdoor Master makes some great low cost ski goggles. The Outdoor Master Pro XM model has been one of the most popular cheap ski goggles since they were introduced. Last year they introduced the Ultra XL which are one of the best goggles we have tried at any price. This summer they brought their expertise in sport optics to the sunglass world with the Hawk.

We got several pairs of Hawk sunglasses to test out. We got a set of polarized, photochromic, and color enhanced to try. We have spent some time with all of them both mountain biking and paddleboarding. They are excellent for both use on land and water. Outdoor Master provided the sunglasses for this review. As with all our reviews, we will give you all the good and bad things about them.

Hawk Sunglasses lined up
Photochromic (left), Enhance HD (middle), Polarized (right)


Hawk sunglasses are available directly from Outdoor Master. They retail from $49.99 to $59.99 depending on which version they are. You can use our discount code ERO2022 to get 10-20% off depending on the model. You can use code REVO11 to get the Revo lens version for $32.99.

Similar models from Oakley or Smith are $150 or more for similar performance. Even at $59.99 they are a great value.

What’s included

All the Hawk sunglasses include a hard lens case and a bag that doubles as a cleaning wipe. They all include a second clear lens except for the Photochromic glasses. Photochromic sunglasses don’t need it since they turn clear in the dark.

Hawk with extra lens and case

UV400 Protection

All the lenses offer UV400 protection to keep your eyes safe from UV Rays.

Impact Resistant

All Hawk lenses are ANSI Z87.1 certified for impact resistance. ANSI Z87.1 is the current standard used for safety glasses. Learn more about ANSI Z81.1 here.

The frames are made from TR90 memory plastic. You can bend and smoosh them flat and nothing will happen to them. They seem like they will hold up to pretty rough use.

Large field of view

The Hawk lenses are frameless and wrap around the sides providing good peripheral vision. The lenses extend low enough to cover most of your downward peripheral as well. This provides better protection from the sun as well as any debris that may kick up from the ground.

Lens Types

The Hawk Sunglasses are available with 4 lens types. Let’s go through each type below.


Polarized lenses only allow light to enter from certain directions. They are good at filtering out glare and reflections. This is really useful out on the water where there is a lot of sun reflecting off the water back into your eyes. Hold your phone or other shiny object flat so you are seeing reflections in the surface. Put on a pair of polarized sunglasses and watch the reflections dissappear.

Polarized lenses add an extra level of protection by eliminating reflected light. They are especially good for use on water or snow where there is lots of reflections. They are good for biking and other activities too.

The polarized lenses are only available in black right now. A few more color choices would be nice.

Go here to learn more about polarized lenses.

Polarized Hawk

HD Enhance Color Optimized

The Hawk HD Enhance has color optimized lenses. You’ll notice looking through these lenses that everything has a slight bronze tint. Color enhanced lenses filter out some of the blue color shades. This allows you to see increased contrast in whites, greens and other color shades. This is particularly useful over snow where it helps bring out the definition in the snow surface. They also work well over water and pavement where colors can otherwise blend together.

Enhance HD Hawk


Photochromic or transition lenses get darker or lighter depending on how bright it is outside. We have found photochromic lense particularly useful mountain biking. When you are riding in and out of trees or shade into sunlight and back the lenses will adjust. You always have the right amount of shade to see properly. They work for evening rides where you want sunglasses when you start. At the end of the ride you want clear lenses.

Photochromic hawk


Revo lenses are normal sunglass lenses with reflective color lenses. They aren’t polarized, color enhanced. They look cool with different reflective colors. They still provide protection for your eyes from the sun. They are available in 5 lens colors.


Polarized, Color Enhanced and Revo Hawk sunglasses all come with a spare clear lens. This lens works well at night or in low light conditions where you still want protection for your eyes. I would wear a clear lens at night mountain biking. I still want something over my eyes to shield them from brush and branches and anything that might hit my eyes during a fall.

Swappable Lenses

Hawk sunglasses have easily swappable lenses. It takes me about 30 seconds to change the lens. You pull the frame off of the outside corner to the lens on both sides. Squeeze the nose piece and pop it off. The nose piece is part of the frame molding.

To put the new lens on. Push the lens into one corner of the frame. Snap the other corner in. Push the nose piece back on. Your done.

On 2 out of 3 of my Hawk glasses the grey rubber nose pads come off easily. One 1 pair they seem to be glued on. They come off every time I change lenses. Be careful not to drop and lose it. Push it back on after snapping the nose back into the lens.


The Hawk sunglasses are a medium to large fit frame. I find they fit very comfortably. I have worn them for several 2 hour mountain bike rides along with some longer paddleboarding sessions. I don’t find that they hurt my ears. The nose piece is comfortable and doesn’t feel like it is squeezing my nose.

Anti Fog

I have done a few hard mountain bike sessions with a lot of sweat. I haven’t noticed any tendency for the Hawk to fog up. My prescription safety glasses or regular clear safety glasses I wear usually do fog up. I have to take them off every time I stop. The Hawks so far have stayed fog free during breaks.

The frameless design with no frame on the bottom allows sweat to drip off the bottom. I really like this instead of having sweat collect on the bottom of the frame. It makes for much cleaner sunglasses after a long ride.

Trying out Hawk Sunglasses


For mountain biking, I prefer the photochromic lens. I am constantly riding in and out of trees. Lots of light and dark areas. A dark lens is too dark in dense trees but works in bright spots. A low light lens isn’t dark enough in bright areas. You don’t need to swap lenses if you go on a ride that extends into dusk or night.

When biking on streets or paths where the light is more consistent I prefer the color enhanced or polarized lens. The Revo lens would work well in this situation as well.

Hawk Sunglasses with GEM Helmet
Outdoor Master Hawk Photochromic Sunglasses with GEM MIPS Helmet
Hawk color enhanced with GEM bike helmet
Outdoor Master Hawk Color Enhanced Sunglasses with GEM MIPS Helmet

Check out our review of the Outdoor Master GEM MIPS Bike Helmet to learn more about it.


I find the polarized lenses to work best out on the water. They do the best job of removing all the glare and reflection from your vision. They give you the best view of the water. They are the easiest lens to see what is below the surface as well. I would recommend the polarized lenses for paddleboarding, sailing, or other water activities.

Polarized sunglasses at lake

I tried the photochromic lens glasses paddling as well. They work well on cloudy and overcast days. On really bright sunny days they will leave you wishing for darker lenses when you are looking in the direction of the sun.

The only downside of water use is that they don’t float. I use a cheap floating sunglass band from Amazon to make sure they don’t join my other sunglasses at the bottom.

Skiing, Snowboarding, or other snow sports

We haven’t tried the Hawk sunglasses out skiing since it is summer here in Michigan. We have a lot of experience using Outdoor Master Ultra XL goggles which have similar color enhanced lenses. They work great in snow. The Hawk HD Enhance would be my first choice for any snow related activitiy such as skiing or snowboarding.

OutdoorMaster Hawk Sport Sunglasses
Outdoor Master Hawk Sport Sunglasses Product Image

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The Verdict

If you are looking for new sunglasses for biking or paddling, check out the new Outdoor Master Hawk Sport Sunglasses. They have excellent lenses, a comfortable fit, and durable frames. They are bargain price compared to similar glasses from Oakley or Smith. Give them a try.

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