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Outdoor Master Seagull Folding Ski Goggles – Test and Review

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Pocket-sized, compact folding ski goggles you can take anywhere

Outdoor Master Seagull Folding Ski Goggles review

Manufacturer and Model: Outdoor Master Seagull Ski Goggles
List Price: $19.99

Overall Score

Lens Clarity7.5

Field of View9.0

Flat Light Performance5.0

Anti-fog Performance8.0



The Outdoor Master Seagull Snow Goggles are a new compact folding go anywhere snow goggle. They are a small fit goggle, that can fold in half for storage. They are fixed lens goggles with non-swappable lenses. They are so inexpensive that you can buy another set of them for less than the cost of most goggle lenses. If you want a small set of goggles for travel or climbing, the Outdoor Master Seagull is a perfect choice.

What we liked:

  • Very low cost
  • Folds up into a very small size for storage
  • Available in many different colors and VLT’s
  • Cheap enough that you can buy several sets instead of different lenses
  • Very small fit goggles that would work well with smaller faces

What we didn’t like:

  • Not as comfortable to wear as larger frame goggles
  • Huge giant hardcase that comes with them for storage

Outdoor Master Seagull product image


  • Lens Type – Cylindrical
  • Fit – Small
  • OTG Compatible – No
  • Included Lens – 1
  • Interchangable Lens – No
  • Accessories – Microfiber bag & Hardcase

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Outdoor Master Seagull Ski Goggles Review and Test

The Seagull arrived this winter and it’s a very compact and small set of ski goggles that fold up and take up almost no space in your pocket. Everything about these goggles is small. The frame is very thin. The goggle strap is not as wide as normal. The lenses are smaller and pushed up closer to your face. They are not much larger than a set of children’s ski goggles.

OM Seagull unfolded
Outdoor Master Seagull ski goggle folded

The Seagull comes with a microfiber bag for storage and cleaning. They also come with a gigantic hardcase that could fit about 4 pairs of them inside it. This case left me scratching my head a bit because it is so large compared to the goggles.

Outdoor Master Seagull What is included

Features Overview

The Seagull has all the normal features that a regular sized ski goggles has except for their size. They have double layer lenses with anti-fog coating and ventilation around the edges. They use double layer face foam for comfort. They use a double layer cylindrical lens.

Here are a few shots showing the Seagull next to a set of Outdoor Master Heron goggles. The Heron is a normal medium to large fit goggle. You can see how small the Seagull is sitting next to it. You can see how small it is after being folded compared to a normal set of goggles.

OM Seagull next to Heron
OM Seagull next to Heron top view
OM Seagull folded size

1 – Style

These goggles have cylindrical lenses that are hinged in the middle. The whole frame is thin and low profile. They have a very tight, low profile look when you are wearing them. They won’t stick out from any ski helmet, no matter how small the brim is.

Outdoor Master Seagull side view on mountain

2 – Lens Clarity (7.5/10)

The lenses are what you would expect from a ski goggle at this price. They are clear with low distortion. They do not have any color filtering or other fancy tech going on.

3 – Field of View (9.0/10)

These goggle lenses are very close to your face with the thin frame. The field of view is very good for a small size frame because of how thin the frame is. When I first saw these I was a little concerned they might have a bit of tunnel vision effect. No worries there after wearing them. The field of view is as good as their Ultra XL goggle.

You may look at these and wonder how much of a distraction the center fold is while looking out them. It’s small enough to be between the field of view of your eyes. I don’t see the fold while wearing them.

4 – Flat Light Performance (5.0/10)

The Seagull is available in a variety of lens tints. The best choices for flat light conditions would be the 46% pink, or 75% yellow. These do not have any color filtering tech in the lenses. They work as well as any yellow or orange lens works in flat light conditions.

5 – Anti-Fog Performance (8.0/10)

I haven’t had any issues with these goggles fogging so far. They have enough ventilation in the thin frames to stay fog free on the slopes. They lenses are very close to your face. I expect if you got really sweaty climbing on a humid day they would fog up. For normal ski resort use they work fine.

6 – Lens Swapping

The Seagull is a fixed lens goggle. There is no swapping lenses on them. They are cheap and they don’t take up much space in your pocket. They cost $19.99 which is well less than the cost of a spare lens for most ski goggles. You can easily bring a few sets of them along with different lenses.

An Outdoor Master Pro lens runs $25-$30 by itself. That is about as cheap as you can go for spare lenses. You could easily by 5 Seagulls for the cost of an Oakley Flight Deck replacement lens and have money left over. The lens strategy for the Seagull is just more Seagulls.

7 – Comfort (9.0/10)

The Seagull sets a bit higher on my cheeks and into my eye socket than a standard set of ski goggles. They don’t feel quite as comfortable as a large fit set of goggles do on my face because of this. They have double layer foam with a soft inner layer to make them as comfortable as they can be.

Seagull frame and foam

8 – Helmet compatibility

These goggles have a conventional top shape that works with most modern ski helmets. I was wearing them with an Outdoor Master Elk MIPS ski helmet. The Elk does not have a huge brim. The Seagull with it’s lower profile shape worked quite well with that helmet.

OM Seagull with Elk Helmet front view
OM Seagull with Elk Helmet side view

9 – Not OTG Compatible

The Seagull is not OTG compatible. The hinge in the middle of the goggle prevents them from being worn with glasses.

Recommendation – Buy or No Buy?

The Seagull would make a great set of spare goggles to keep in your bag or jacket. They are very small and take up very little space for travel. They wear almost like a large set of sun glasses instead of goggles. I could imagine them working well for mountaineering where space and weight in your gear bag are at a premium.

Outdoor Master Seagull product image

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