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Serenelife SLPUMP50 Rechargeable Electric SUP Pump – Test and Review

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Updated April 9th, 2024

Serenelife SLPUMP50 review

When it comes to paddle boarding, one of the most important things you need is a good paddle board pump. And if you’re looking for a quality electric paddle board pump, the SereneLife SLPUMP50 is definitely worth considering. The SLPUMP50 can inflate boards up to 16psi, and it has a built in 6000 mah rechargeable battery so it can be used away from 12 volt sources.

Overall, the SereneLife SLPUMP50 is an excellent electric paddle board pump, and it’s definitely worth considering if you’re in need of a new pump. Keep reading to get all the details of the SereneLife SLPUMP50 rechargeable electric paddle board pump.

What we liked:

  • Enough battery power that can inflate several boards
  • Fast inflation times
  • Included storage and carrying bag that can store the air hose and charge cord
  • LED light on the front

What we didn’t like:

  • Target pressure not shown on the display while inflating
  • Questionable warranty and customer service
  • The lid on the cord storage compartment doesn’t have any latch to keep it shut
  • Only inflates to a max 16 psi

Features of the Serenelife SLPUMP50 Rechargeable Battery Electric Pump

The Serenelife SLPUMP50 is one of the most popular battery powered electric paddle board pumps on Amazon. It is sold under several different brands names including Tuomico and Seamax. They are all the same pump so you can look for who has the cheapest price.

Once you have used a battery powered pump and can inflate away from your car you’ll never go back. We use our battery powered pumps far more than any others. The extra convenience is worth the added cost and slightly heavier pump.

SLPUMP50 contents

We purchased a Serenelife SLPUMP50 to see how it compares to other popular pumps. As always, we will give you all the good and bad of every item we review.

See our review of the Serenelife SLPUMP30 for their 2 stage pump without battery power.

See our review of the Serenelife SLPUMP10 for a smaller, lighter, single stage pump. It costs a little less and takes a few minutes longer to inflate most boards.

Serenelife pumps together
Serenelife SLPUMP30 (left) and SLPUMP10 (right)


The Serenelife SLPUMP50 currently sells on Amazon for $134.52. The pump is available from several sellers under their own brands such as TUOMICO and Seamax. The cheapest version I saw was from Dr.Meter for $119. The most expensive version I saw was from Seamax for $149.

The cheap item rule of Amazon applies. If you see something that looks exactly the same from several different sellers on Amazon it’s the same product. Go for the cheapest seller because you are getting the same thing either way.


Serenelife mentions a 1 year warranty in the questions section for this item. A check of the comments and ratings reveals people have not had any luck getting warranty replacements. Assume when you buy this item that it does not have a warranty.

Size and weight

This pump measures 9.9 x 6.9 x 5.2 inches. It weighs around 4.84 lbs. This makes it about average size but a little heavier because of the batteries. The pump is a bit large to fit in most inflatable SUP carry bags. Fortunately, it comes with its own carry bag.

12 volt power

The Serenelife SUP Pump has a 10 foot cord with a standard 12 volt DC plug on it. It will work with almost any car, truck, or SUV with 12 volt outlet.

It does not include a set of alligator clips or any other adapters to work from other power sources.

SLPUMP50 cord storage

Battery Power

The SLPUMP50 has a built in 6000 mah 12 volt Li-Ion battery pack that can be used to inflate paddleboards. The pump has a separate charge cord that works off of any regular household 110 volt outlet. It can also be recharged off of the 12 volt power cord. It takes about 5 hours to recharge the pump from completely dead.

Charge cord

Stand up paddle board compatibility

The Serenelife electric pump has a detachable air hose with a set of connectors on one end. A variety of rubber gaskets are included so you can put the correct thickness on any of the air valves.

It will work with almost any paddleboard or other inflatable water toy out there. It has the following valve adapters. H3/HR, C7, Boston, Pinch, and 805. This will cover almost every inflatable paddleboard, kayak, and water sports toys out there.

Dolphin air valves

Max pressure

This pump can inflate up to 16 psi. You can adjust the air pressure in 0.5 psi or bar increments. Some of the marketing images on Amazon show an image of this pump and say 20 psi. They are wrong. When you power up the pump and try to adjust the target pressure, it maxes out at 16 psi.

Inflate and deflate

The pump has inflate and deflate modes. You change by connecting the air hose up to the appropriate outlet.

Serenelife slpump50 inflate deflate ports

Inflate 2 boards in a row time

This pump is only designed to inflate 1 to 2 boards at a time. According to the user manual, it should not be run for more than 30 minutes at a time. After 30 minutes of work time, it should be allowed to cool for 30 minutes before using again. You can inflate 2 boards easily within 30 minutes. If you are inflating smaller boards to lower PSI you might be able to inflate 3 before the pump overheats.

Digital Display and Controls

The pump has easy to use controls and a small digital display that are built into the pump top. The display shows the current pressure and battery remaining as both a symbol and percent.

It does not show target pressure while pumping. We strongly prefer pumps that do show this. We prefer pumps that show the current pressure and target pressure while the pump is working. You aren’t left wondering what pressure it was set at when you hit go.

It has 5 buttons for controls. A + and – button for adjusting target pressure. A power button for starting and stopping the pump. A PSI/Bar button to change the units. A light button for turning on and off the LED lights on the front of the pump.

This is an intelligent DC electric pump. It will auto-shutoff when the set pressure is reached. You should not leave the pump unattended while it is running.

slpump50 display

LED Light

There is a built in LED light on the front of the pump. It can be turned on and off with a button on top of the pump. The light also has a strobe mode where they blink if you need to signal someone.

LED Lights

USB Power Bank

There is a set of USB plugs on the pump top. These can be used to power your phone or other USB device. They will consume battery so your battery available to inflate boards reduces if you use it to recharge your phone.

USB Power bank

Handle and cord storage compartment

There is a built in carrying handle that folds up on the top of the pump. There is a storage compartment with a lid underneath it for storing the cords. I cannot fit both the 12 volt cord and the 110 volt charging cord in the compartment.

There is no latch or other way to hold the cord compartment shut. It only holds with a slight friction fit. Once you have unrolled the 12 volt cord once the odds are good you’ll never get the storage lid to stay shut again. It’s a nice concept but there needs to be a latch to hold it shut. The Outdoor Master Whale has a similar storage compartment but they built a latch into the lid and it’s big enough for both the 12 volt cord and charging cord.

Cord storage lid

Carrying bag

The SLPUMP50 comes with a nice padded carrying bag. It has a mesh pocket under the lid for holding the air hose and 110 volt charge cord and valve gaskets. This is a feature I wish that every electric paddleboard pump would start including. It’s a nice copy of that bag that the NIXY Ventus pump comes with.

SLPUMP50 carry bag

Using the pump

The Serenelife SLPUMP50 is really easy to use. Plug it into your paddleboard. Hold down the power button for a few seconds to turn it on. Set the desired pressure with the +/- buttons. Tap the power button again to start it. It will run and shutoff when the desired pressure is reached. If you want to use 12 volt power then plus in the 12 volt cord into your car/truck/suv or other 12 volt supply. It runs and charges off 12 volt.

SLPUMP50 inflating board

Inflation time

We do 2 inflation tests on every paddleboard pump we try. The first is inflating a generic 10’6″ x 32″ All Around board to 14 psi. Next we inflate a 12’6″ x 30″ touring board to 15 psi and 20 psi. This gives a good sample of how long each pump takes to inflate larger or smaller paddleboards. The SLPUMP50 can only go up to 16 psi so we did not time inflation to 20 psi.

It took the SLPUMP50 7 minutes and 37 seconds to inflate a 10’6″ all around board to 14 psi. This was about 45 seconds faster than the SereneLife SLPUMP30.

We also repeated this test using the internal battery. It took the SLPUMP50 7 minutes and 52 seconds. Using internal battery was only slightly slower than a 12 volt power source.

Inflating 12’6″ touring board to 15 psi

It took the SLPUMP50 9 minutes and 7 seconds to inflate the 12’6″ x 30″ board to 15psi.

See the table below to see how this pump compares to other pumps we have tested and reviewed.

Electric Pump 10’6 x 32.5″ x 6″ All Around Board 12’6″ x 30″ x 6″ Touring Board 12’6″ x 30″ x 6″ Touring Board
14 psi 15 psi 20 psi
Outdoor Master Shark 2 8 min 40 sec 9 min 35 sec 13 min 1 sec
Outdoor Master Whale 9 min 22 sec 9 min 58 sec
Outdoor Master Cachalot 7 min 51 sec 9 min 23 sec 13 min 49 sec
Outdoor Master Dolphin 2 9 min 27 sec 11 min 23 sec 14 min 36 sec
Outdoor Master Cachalot 2 7 min 13 sec 8 min 53 sec 12 min 20 sec
Outdoor Master Cachalot 2S 7 min 5 sec 8 min 40 sec 12 min 13 sec
iRocker Electric Pump 7 min 5 sec 8 min 32 sec 11 min 50 sec
NIXY Ventus 8 min 28 sec 11 min 15 sec 14 min 34 sec
Bluefin E-Swift 7 min 18 sec 9 min 6 sec 12 min 25 sec
Serenelife SLPUMP50 7 min 37 sec 9 min 7 sec
Serenlife SLPUMP30 8 min 12 sec 9 min 27 sec 14 min 20 sec
Serenlife SLPUMP10 11 min 32 sec 13 min 49 sec
Airbank Puffer Pro 7 min 27 sec 9 min 8 sec 12 min 48 sec
Airbank Whale Shark Pro 7 min 49 sec 9 min 41 sec 13 min 13 sec
Valwix Electric Pump 7 min 10 sec 8 min 48 sec 12 min 16 sec

How many boards can it pump on a charge?

We were able to inflate the 10’6″ all around board to 14 psi a total of 5 times on one charge. On the 6th try it made it to 11.08 psi when the battery finally died. We did run the pump for over 30 minutes without any real break in doing this test. The temperature was 75F. If it’s a hot 95F sunny Florida afternoon it may go into overheat shutdown by the 3rd or 4th board.


This pump is noisy once it goes into its second stage air compressor mode. Every electric paddle board pump we have tried is noisy during this time. I have not tried one yet I would say is better or worse from 1.5 psi to completion while operating in air compressor mode.

SLPUMP50 vs Outdoor Master Whale

The Outdoor Master Whale is the next most similar pump to this. They both have internal batteries. They both can inflate to a maximum of 16 psi. Let’s take a look at how these 2 similar pumps compare.

Name Outdoor Master Whale SereneLIfe SLPUMP50
Max Pressure 16 psi 16 psi
Internal Battery 6000 mah 6000 mah
Size 14.5 X 8.8 X 6.8 Inches 9.9 x 6.9 x 5.2 inches
Weight 6.25 lbs 4.8 lbs
Active Cooling Fan Yes No
Inflate Multiple Boards Yes 2+ 1-2
Onboard Cord Storage Yes - fits 12 volt and charge cord Yes - Only fits 12 volt cord
Carry Bag No Yes
More Information

SereneLife 16PSI High Pressure SUP Rechargeable Battery Air Pump (SLPUMP50)

Serenelife SLPUMP50 Product Image

The Verdict

The Serenelife SLPUMP50 is a good electric paddle board pump. It’s not the fastest we have tested but it’s not the slowest either. The built-in battery is a handy feature. You can use this pump away from any 12 volt outlet. The Serenelife SLPUMP50 electric paddle board pump is a good value at $159. We think it’s a good choice for a rechargeable electric paddle board pump.

We hope you enjoyed this Serenelife SLPUMP50 review and test. If you have any questions please leave them in the comments below and we will answer them as soon as possible. Happy paddling!

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