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TurboAnt M10 Pro Electric Scooter – In Depth Test and Review

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Updated May 8th, 2024

TurboAnt M10 Pro review

Manufacturer and Model: TurboAnt M10 Pro
List Price: $389


The TurboAnt M10 Pro electric scooter has good range and power for an under $400 electric scooter. It has enough power for it’s rated weight capacity. It has a top speed for 20mph and can hit that speed. It has enough range for daily riding or commuting.

What we liked:

  • It’s a simple scooter with easy to use controls
  • Very good acceleration and braking for the price.
  • Can handle a much heavier rider than the 220 lbs max rider spec.
  • Light enough to easily carry. Small enough to easily fit into a car trunk or backseat.

What we didn’t like:

  • Feels a bit shaky at 20mph.
  • Deck is just barely big enough for adult feet
  • The plastic display housing looks like it came from a toy scooter

Turboant M10 Pro product image


  • Top Speed – 20 mph
  • Range – 30 miles
  • Motor – 350 watt front hub motor
  • Battery – 36 volt 10.4 aH Lithium-ion
  • Max Rider Weight – 220 lbs
  • Scooter Weight – 36.4 lbs
  • Wheels – 8.5 inch pneumatic tires
  • Brakes – Front electronic brake and rear disc brakes

The M10 Pro is the latest of TurboAnt’s electric scooters for adults. It is an upgraded version of their entry level M10 Lite scooter. It increases the battery size from 6.6 to 10.4 ah which allows it to have more range and a higher top speed. Most other things remain the same between the 2 scooters. The M10 Pro is available for $389 compared to the $289 price for the M10 Lite.

TurboAnt provided us with an M10 Pro to try out for this review.

Video Review

The Good

The M10 Pro has very simplified controls. It has 2 buttons on the display area. It has a throttle on the right handlebar and a brake and bell on the left handlebar. I like the layout and how easy the scooter is to use. I do not miss having a second control for the electronic brake.

M10 Pro controls

LCD Display

The display is simple and gives you speed along with some bars for how much battery is left. It shows which of the 2 speed modes it is in. The LEDs are bright and easy to read in any light condition. It shows battery life with some bars that surround the speedometer. It has a few icons that show which speed mode it is in. There is an icon for cruise control also.

2 Speed Modes

There is a button for switching between speed modes. I like the 2 levels with 12mph and 20mph. The M10 Lite had Level 1 set at 9mph which was just too slow. 12mph feels about right for those wanting to ride on crowded bike paths and around people. My experience of riding on bike paths has shown that most pedal bikes ride between 10-12mph on the paths.

  • Level 1 – Top speed of 12mph
  • Level 2 – Top speed of 20mph

Headlight and Taillight

The scooter has a built in head and tail light. They activate by pushing the tapping the power button. They are bright enough to ride at night going 12mph in mode 1 but that’s about it. If I was going to ride the M10 Pro at night on a regular basis I would supplement the lights with a good helmet light.

Cruise Control

The scooter has a cruise control feature that cannot be turned off. It activates automatically after you hold the throttle at a constant position for several seconds. The scooter beeps and shows a symbol on it’s display so you know that cruise has turned on. It beeps again when it deactivates.

The beeps are nice since a lot of scooters give no audio or visual indication when cruise control activates. You only know by letting go of the throttle.

The M10 Pro has very good feel for an inexpensive budget scooter. They may have saved money on some things like the display. They didn’t take any shortcuts where it counts on the motor and battery. It has much better acceleration than you would expect for a sub $400 scooter.

Top Speed

We measured how fast the M10 Pro would go using a GPS. The max speed I was able to get on flat level ground was 20.13 mph. This is just a little faster than the published 20mph top speed.

Hill Climbing

I went to my favorite hill climbing test hill that I take every scooter to. It is a 1/2 mile hill with some 10% grades. The pavement isn’t that smooth. I use a 250 lb rider for the test which is well above the published 220 lb max weight for this scooter. The scooter took 3 minutes and 50 seconds to go up the hill.

This was about 24 seconds faster than the TurboAnt M10 Lite we tested last year. It has larger capacity batteries so we expected a little less voltage sag under load. This was only about 20 seconds slower than the TurboAnt X7 we tested.


The M10 Pro has an electronic brake in the front wheel and disc brake at the back wheel. Both brakes are actuated off of 1 brake lever. I found that braking was smooth. The electronic brake is more subtle and doesn’t feel overpowering. It was easy to just brake a little or come to a screeching stop if that was what you needed.

M10 Pro brake

I topped off the battery and went out to a long straight section of path a few miles long to see how far the M10 Pro would go on a charge. I rode the scooter as close to 15mph as possible. I used a 250 lb rider again. This gives a good real world mileage. The scooter went 13.9 miles before it wouldn’t go any further. This was good for a 10.4 ah battery.

For comparison we got the following range for some other popular scooters we tested.

  • Gotrax G4 – 14.1 miles
  • TurboAnt M10 Lite – 8.8 miles
  • TurboAnt X7 Max – 12.8 miles
  • Gotrax G5 – 12.5 miles

The M10 Pro has a published range of up to 30 miles. With a 125 lb rider going 10mph you might be able to get it. We usually get 40-60% of the published range when we test scooters here. 13.9 miles is right around 46%

I weigh around 250 lbs at the moment and have been riding the M10 Pro around for a few weeks now. It has no trouble going up hills with me on it althought it will slow down on steeper hills. It has no trouble hitting it’s published top speed with me on it.

The M10 Pro has a simple and easy to use folding mechanism that works. It uses a plastic ring for a secondary latch to keep it form unlatching while riding. There is a spring loaded latch on the handlebars to catch the hook on the fender.

The scooter weighs in at 36.4 lbs putting it on the light weight end of things for carrying around. If you need to carry the scooter into your apartment or onto a bus, this is a good scooter to use.

M10 Pro folding mechanism

The Bad

The scooter makes use of 8.5 inch pneumatic tires with no suspension at either end. It does as good a job as any no suspension e-scooter will do. The M10 Pro feels smooth up to about 18mph. Above 18mph I can feel it vibrating and humming a bit. I find it more enjoyable to ride keeping 16-18mph. It will do 20mph but doesn’t seem that happy doing it.

The deck is large enough for adult sized feet but just barely. I am around a men’s size 9.5 shoe. Both my feet fit on the deck but there is no extra room. There isn’t much room to adjust your foot position much while riding.

M10 Pro deck

The LCD display is the one place where it looks and feels like they cut corners. The plastic display housing feels more like something you would find on a kids toy scooter than an adult commuting scooter. It works well and the buttons are easy to use. It doesn’t look as clean and well integrated as other scooters.

M10 Pro display


The only place where I would suggest someone steer clear of the M10 Pro is if they have large feet. I just can’t see how someone with size 12 feet would comfortably get both feet onto the deck of this scooter while riding it. The deck just feels a bit short.

Recommendation – Buy or No Buy?

The M10 Pro at under $400 is a good value for an entry level commuting scooter. It has good power and braking ability. It has a significant increase in range over the M10 Lite that is well worth the extra cost. The larger battery size also helps improve the top speed, acceleration, and hill climbing ability too.

Turboant M10 Pro product image

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