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Voited Changing Robe Review – Test and Review

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Updated May 8th, 2024

Voited changing robe review

Anyone who’s ever been paddleboarding in cold weather knows that one of the worst parts of the experience is getting out of your wetsuit and wet bathing suit. A well designed changing robe can make getting out of cold wet clothes a much more pleasant experience. The Voited Outdoor Change Robe and Dry Coat is one of the best changing robes out there. It is insulated with a built in microfiber liner for drying off. Keep reading to get all the details of the Voited Changing Robe.

I have windsurfed for a long time and the best times of the year for wind are the spring and fall when the air or water aren’t warm. Wetsuits on their best days aren’t fun to take on and off. More recently we have gotten in stand up paddleboarding. It’s not as wet as windsurfing was. Wetsuits are still needed to do it safely in the spring and fall.

woman in changing robe by water

We recieved a Voited Changing Robe and Dry Coat to try out to see if it would make paddleboarding on these cooler days more pleasant. I can say that is fully succeeds at doing that. The changing robe lets you get out of your wet bathing suit and wetsuit without exposing yourself to wind and cold air.

As with all our reviews, we’ll give you all the good and bad points whether we purchased the item ourselves or it was given to us.

rear of changing robe

Features of the Voited Changing Robe and Drycoat

Let’s discuss the features of the Voited outdoor drycoat and changing robe.


Voited uses 100% recycled 50D Ripstop fabric laminated with 18.000mm waterproofness on the inside and a Fluorine Free water repellent finish on the outside. The changing robe also has a quilted mid-layer of 3D Synthetic Featherlight recycled fiber fleece for additional insulation. It is lined with quick-dry, absorbent microfiber fleece to shed any moisture. Voited changing robes are perfect for those who are looking for a durable, eco-friendly, and absorbent robe.


The robe is insulated enough to be comfortable without too much underneath on cold spring and fall days. It makes a great Apres outfit to wear while hanging around after you finish paddling. There is no need to rush somewhere to change into something warmer.

It also works well a big warm blanket you can drap over yourself while sitting around outside. If you don’t want to zip youself up and just want something you can put on top of yourself it works well for that too.

changing robe as a blanket

Environmental Friendliness

Voited’s DryCoats are not only made from recycled materials, but they’re also sustainable and environmentally friendly. The main recycled Ripstop Repreve fabric is made from 94 recycled plastic bottles, and the Bionic Finish Eco Fluorine Free finish is made from 60% renewable sourced raw materials. The insulation is 100% recycled polyester yarn. You can feel good that your not damaging the planet by purchasing the Voited dry coat.

wearing changing robe by water


The Voited changing robe is designed with functionality in mind. The front flap cargo pockets provide ample storage for your keys, phone, and anything else you need to bring with you to the beach. And if you’re worried about your things getting wet, don’t be. The robe is made from microfleece that absorbs water and dries quickly. The microfiber lining does a good job at drying off your midsection and rear end after taking off a wet bathing suit.

Ease of Use

From the moment we slipped on the Voited, we were impressed with how easy it was to use. The full-length zipper makes it a breeze to get in and out of. The adjustable velcro wrist-straps make it easy to pull our arms inside the robe or keep the sleeves from riding up your arms. The hood and arms are lined with fleece for added warmth, and the CloudTouch microfiber insulation panel keeps your lower back warm while sucking up moisture. All of these features come together to make the Voited one of the simplest and most user-friendly changing robes we’ve used.


The Voited Outdoor Change Robe and Drycoat has 5 pockets. There are 2 zipper pockets and 2 pockets with velcro flapts on the outside. There is a cellphone sized zipper pocket on the inside with a headphone passthrough hole. There is plenty of pockets for snacks, wallets, keys, phones, and other small gadgets.

drycoat pockets


The hood is fleece lined to keep your head nice and warm. It is big enough to easily fit over your head with a beanie or other hat on. The neck is high enough with elastic draw strings so that you can easily seal yourself off from heavy rain and wind.


A small stuff sack is included that has snap fasteners to keep it closed. This drycoat doesn’t pack down to a super small size. It does get small enough to easily anywhere in your car. It doesn’t take up too much space in a SUP carrying backpack.

voited drycoat stuff sack


Our changing robs is a size XL. I’m a 6′ over 200 lb guy. I can change bathing suits to shorts in it no problem. Getting a wetsuit top on and off underneath it would be a bit of a challenge. My wife is 5’6″ and she has tons of room inside of it. She can completely change from a 1 piece bathing suit to regular clothes inside of it. I recommend going up a size from what you normally wear to make sure you have room to change inside of it.

What we liked:

  • High quality construction using recycled and sustainable materials
  • Warm and cozy feeling to wear
  • Big enough to easily change underneath for most adults
  • Microfiber lining dries you off fast after removing wet bathing suits
  • Plenty of pockets for storing gear and snacks
  • Waterproof and windproof to keep you warm and dry

What we didn’t like:

  • No size XXL available for larger sized adults
  • High cost

The Verdict

If you’re looking for a changing robe that will make getting out of your wetsuit a breeze, we highly recommend the Voited Drycoat and Changing Robe. This robe ticks all the boxes in terms of both ease of use and functionality. Its high quality sustainable construction means that it will withstand repeated use without adding anything to a landfill. Whether you’re a seasoned paddleboarder or just getting started, we think you’ll be happy with it.

Voited Outdoor Change Robe and Drycoat
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